I'm living a daily drama with my own head lately. I was hired like two and a half months ago as a junior programmer and it is my first real job, in addition to 2 internships (the last one was in the advertising agency, and after a month I started to search a new job and warned my boss that I wanted to quit, because it was kind of a painful job and I was not happy at all because I was not working with programming).
The thing is that I do not know what they expected from me in this current job, and I still can not say. Am I being enough? Am I a disappointment? Everyone there is so experienced and good at what they do, and I was just used to being "the guy" where I studied that it was some sort of shock when I realized that I had to get way better even for a junior job. I do not feel productive as I wanted and sometimes I feel like I'm a total disaster and I'm not made to work with the only thing I could say "I'm made for this".
I might be overreacting this, but I just wanted to say this somewhere and I'm thankful I have devRant now. I could talk to my superiors or my boss about this, but I'm so used to get there and focus on my tasks that I'm always forgetting.

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    Everyone needs to learn. And trust me, your peers at work get will get an enormous kick out of seeing you grow and get better
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    @epse stop learning is not an option, so I hope that happens
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    Those other experienced people that you admire? They felt like you once. In a few years you will have junior admirers of your own 🙂 We all need to be more patient, experience needs time to develop.
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