I'm at my seat during the regular morning routine of checking emails, planning the things I need to complete/study when my phone rings.

HR: Good Morning, can you come over to the conference room please ?

Me: Sure

I enter the conference room and on the other side of the table, I see a group of 3 HR Managers (not a very nice feeling), especially when it was 10 months into my first job as a Trainee Software Developer.

HR: The company hasn't been performing as expected. For this reason, we've been told to cut down our staff. We're sorry but we have to let you go. You've been doing a great job all along. Thank you.

Me: ---- (seriously ?!)

The security-in-chief 'escorts' me out of the premises and I hand over the badge. I'm not allowed to return to my desk.

This happened about 16 years ago. But it stuck with me throughout my programming career.

A couple of Lessons Learnt which may help some of the developers today :

- You're not as important as you think, no matter what you do and how well you do it.
- Working hard is one thing, working smart is another. You'll understand the difference when your appraisals comes around each year.
- Focus on your work but always keep an eye on your company's health.
- Be patient with your Manager; if you're having a rough time, its likely he/she is suffering more.
- Programming solo is great fun. However it takes other skills that are not so interesting, to earn a living.
- You may think the Clients sounds stupid, talks silly and demands the stars; ever wonder what they think about you.
- When faced with a tough problem, try to 'fix' the Client first, then look for a solution.
- If you hate making code changes, don't curse the Client or your Manager - we coders collectively created a world of infinite possibilities. No point blaming them.
- Sharing your ideas matter.
- Software Development is a really long chain of ever-growing links that you may grok rather late in your career. But its still worth all the effort if you enjoy it.

I like to think of programming as a pursuit that combines mathematical precision and artistic randomness to create some pretty amazing stuff.

Thanks for reading.

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    nice rant. welcome to devRant
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    Welcome, green circle!

    Great rant and tips. Thank you!
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    So true, unfortunately many realize much later.
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    i am kinda glad that this kafka like stuff doesnt happen all that often in civilised countries were you get at least 14 days of notice before going..

    this ninja swat style headshot in the back letting go seems like something that leaves emotional scars
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    This just happened to a friend of mine the first day back from holiday break. I am now feeling a bit nervous lol. Thank you for the advice.
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    At least they were honest and told it's not about you
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    Really appreciate the tips and life lessons. Thank you
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    I hope you didnt left any personal items there...
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    Happened to a friend of mine a few months into work term. Thanks for those amazing pointers!
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    Thanks for the great advice!
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    @themounthead: please be my mentor, master _/\_
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    @swappy Glad to help. I'm humbled, thank you.
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    @themounthead: am actually serious. Just let me know where can I ping you to talk further :)
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    @swappy You can drop me a note from my website (link on my profile). Do mention your contact address, we can correspond from there.
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