Me - Yeah great so you say it's big data we are gonna be analyzing and having to store, are you currently utilizing a service and aggregating any of it into smaller manageable segments?

Client - well yeah it's lots and lots of data, we can share it with you if you sign a nda.

Me - ok... sure, how are you gonna share it with me.

Client - oh I can email you the spreadsheet.

Me - .... Spreadsheet ... Um... Ok... 'Stands up and walks away to tell this as the most interesting meeting of the month, to some one that will get it'


Buzz word for the win!

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    It's a very big spreadsheat full of data. Even multiple columns. Like thousands and thousands of rows.
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    I needed the intern to make it into one of those zipper files so I could attach it.
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    Maybe they used a very, very large font-size?
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    Massive font size !
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    I have found in some corporations big data is trillions of spreadsheets stored in some very unsecured places. Data gone wild 😀
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    @Jumpshot44 let the anarchy reign! Hahahahha yeah my favorite is yeah I keep it on this flash drive in my pocket. When an exec was talking about a spreadsheet he keeps his passwords in.
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    @leighb4rnes So does my grandma, well, word actually. that many boxes scares her. ( not joking in the slightest )
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    @rozzzly so basically she is wanting to live outside of the boxes. Hey I think we may have found the origin of hipsters :)
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    Maybe it's a 100GB CSV spreadsheet. That would be hedging big data
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