I just wanted to delete and copy some files :(

...well, a lot of files, but that's besides the point

(Excuse the pic, but as you can see...)

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    Who copy’s 100k files on windows 😂
    No wonder it broke.
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    @jAsE i wondered if it was possible to kill explorer from the GUI; thanks for that tip
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    @C0D4 I made a backup of my ubuntu home folder so I can revert to 16.04 LTS; I deleted the bigger folders I can recover easily or are unneeded (git projects and shit) but I forgot the .cache folder; don't laugh at me 😅😅. I'm moving today, and I was trying to rush it; I left it to copy while I did other things. So when I went to copy everything onto the Windows drive so I can format the flash drive, ...you know
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