two unread emails:
- from HR: please fill out our anonymous survey
- from Boss: don't forget about the survey, HR said you are the last one from our team

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    I mean, I could easily make this work. But I certainly don’t trust HR (or HR companies) to be honest.
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    Sure boss!
    HR good with BS answers?
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    @Root well, who could trust anyone who sees humans as resource? except maybe a robot.
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    I can relate. I've never trusted all the 'anonymous' polls at my companies.

    ...still don't.

    ...never will.
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    I don't care, I always say the truth. It may be hard for ne to say it or it may be hard for the other side to hear it, but as soon as we cut the BS it starts getting better.

    Honesty pays, not in money but in mental health!
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    There are no anonymous surveys. At my workplace they can even determine who answered what, based on how well they command the English language.
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    @gitstashio you don't even have to have different accent 😂😂😂 they still know!
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    I mean they could know who hasn't sent it but not the answers(?.... but let's be real...
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    Where I work they know. You're either part of the inner circle and gave positive answers, or you're one of the others that hoped his opinion will be considered.
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    Sure boss. What kind of ass kissery answers do you want so you can get your bonus.
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