Dear Arch Linux Maintainers. Why the fuck are you sending me my password in plaintext?! Not enough: You are sending me my fucking password every fucking month, so i do not forget it, because its important!??!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK! Fucking idiots...

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    Maybe they do this because they wrote this when you created the account... (It also says you should use some random password.) You also can disable this "feature"
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    @conrad784 I can disable the reminder. But if i click "I forgot my password" theyll send it again. WTF.
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    @vortexman100 I only get this behavior for the mailing lists, so I don't get why you are suprised, the password is only there that random people can't unsubscribe you. Yes I would prefer this to be different too, but they make this clear at the beginning, so no surprise for me.
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