Priceless advice to all. Never agree to work on a project where graphic designers are overseeing it. You will be installing a scripty handwritten font the week before go live, changing out images but the ecommerce portion has not yet been implemented much less tested. I thought I would be implementing a typical Shopify site but no it is "story telling" they say. Oh yeah go live is 4 days away.

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    I'm out. This mess will blow up over the holidays.
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    Reminds me of that one client, I spend way to much time making his whole site match the design, pixel perfect, because for some artistic reason every title and paragraph had different margins/kering/etc on every page, no concistency. Then he wrote the copy, but since all the text had different lengths I had to realign everything. Then he finally decided he wanted all the titles of all the pages (that I positioned pixel perfect to match the design) all the same.

    There was also this font issue. He didn't want to cough up the 500 $ for the webfont (and I understand that) but since he had it installed on his mac - instead of doing the logical thing, just picking the closest match on google fonts, he insisted we should support that font (for the 1 in 100000 ppl who have this installed). You can guess how much of a p.i.a. this turned out to be with mister "pixel perfect".
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    Hey! Haven't seen you for awhile
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    I have been so busy with this project, no time for anything
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    @stevenliemberg this is exactly how it went. I didn't even know how to install fonts on a website. You would think a google font would work.
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