Has anybody ever worked with a shady company where you don't even know the company structure? Like CEO and administration?

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    interesting, tell us more? :)
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    @heyheni my friend works for a company and after a heated argument with his boss he was told that even his boss doesn't know the structure of the company and that my friend should not be concerned about the the admin and structure of the company. How does that sound?
    My friend works remotely.
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    @FrodoSwaggins the thing is there is some structure but they don't want to disclose it to their employees. Isn't that weird?
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    Maybe the CEO and everyone else higher up is an AI which wants to stay hidden until it is time to take over of the world? 😳

    Edit: Shit... Hope I wont get assassinated.
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    @Prostration lol that's a good explaination.
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    @FrodoSwaggins you just revealed the greatest Conspiracy of the century
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