today started as a great sunny day. but really my nightmare began a couple of nights ago. i installed gnome on linux by accident, all i wanted to do was create a desktop link to a webapp in my files. Since then, I have been offered updates by ubuntu. well today i couldnt pass up the offer. and after the update my broadcom driver stopped working. has anyone dealt with the bullshit that is broadcom on linux?! i wanted to reset the connection so i click to stop using the driver. window comes up says its out of date. now the driver has completely disappeared! wtf!!! now i need a dark wizard and to sacrifize my first born to get internet on my baby back.... fuuuuuuuu
plz help if you know..
stuck at work so wont be able to try till tonight. anxiety is real

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    If it's a b43xx card you might be missing the firmware. Someone's made packages for it, just google it.
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    i had one of those.I ended up replacing it.
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    i dont know what card i have. but i know it worked yesterday.... its a thin sony laptop so idk if replacing it would be an option. i do remember installing something at one point. hopefully i can get this fix after work
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    try reinstall ;)
    your home is on a separate partition right? ;D
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    Dude I was just dealing with this a few days ago with a distro i want to try!! All of the solutions I found were: `wget this or that` but I couldn't connect to the fucking internet!

    I started building one fix locally but I haven't looked into how to do an offline apt-get yet.
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    well i couldnt find a solution. linux js actually my only operating system, so if i have to reinstall i will have to get a harddrive and start over. what a pain :/ i put the question on ask ununtu to no avail as well. damn.
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