me: *starts receiving emails of clients having technical problems and errors and asking for help* wat, im being flooded with all these mails!
me: *sends email to boss* umm... i think im receiving the wrong mails...
boss: nope! from now on, you'll be in-charge of tech support for our clients. good luck and merry christmas!
me: *dies internally* happy holidays to u too

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    Your boss's Christmas gift for you.
    And why not you too gift something to him. Like "Your absence in support team"

    Change your ringtone to "Jingle Bell".
    Somehow, during your busy schedule fixing all clients problem, this ringtone will remind you that it's Christmas time.
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    @github lmao im on vacation now so i aint gonna help those people with their crap xd

    @IllSlapU i know right ;-; i should be coding! im filing a devComplaint haha
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    @nickj awesome^2

    First awesome: you are on vacation
    2nd awesome: if things go wrong, you will have tons of rants flowing into devrant. And all of us reading them.. ­čśł­čśť
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    @github hell yea
    devRant ftw
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    You don't need to do shit, as long, as your employment contract or something similar with your signature under it, doesn't tell you explicitly, that you have to react to spontaneous on call attendance, aspecially without planning and on holidays
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