Worst: Java EE + Spring

Best: ... still waiting for it. (Too late, I know)

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    Y Spring??
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    @github My boss asked me to learn it. In two weeks. And I had never touch j2ee before. And I am an intern.
    Now I get why his company is so small...
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    @dmonkey oh. 2 weeks with no experience in J2EE is less.

    But, I would say Spring is really good. If you get some good time, do learn it, if you are interested.
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    @busuu In my humble opinion (look my comment below) it looks good actually...
    My problem was that I had to learn it in a few days with no experience with j2ee. Also, I know nothing about its alternatives.
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    @github yeah I was thinking about it. Also, in my country every company looks for java developers for backend (don't know about foreign companies). Unfortunately I have no time right now, and the same boss moved me to php (from scratch -_-) for another project.
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