Best: got an offer from Google.

Worst: family and friends trying to convince me to turn down the offer and take a local job.

(I'm from a small town where family is everything to everyone and leaving is blasphemous.)

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    Judging by your bio, you took the job? Hahah
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    I feel you. As wrong as it is, I value my work and mark on the world over my family in a lot of ways; only child syndrome probably. Where as my gf (only friend i chose to have) and most other humans are the opposite.

    Don’t be silly. You can always visit your family.
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    Uhh fuck that. I'm from a small town too, but you can best bet my ass is hitting the road as soon as I have enough saved up to start paying rent for an apartment.

    It's all about job opportunities, and small towns don't have shit to offer me. 🤷
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    Devrant does have a diverse set of users in terms of workplace too.

    Welcome to DevRant.

    And I hope you get enough holidays to visit your parents often.

    Happy holidays.
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    Yay! We live in the same town!
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    What, there are local jobs !

    Actually, where I am, in a small town, there isn't any unemployment..

    Yet in the big city..

    So if Google ever go bust, you might be back asking about that local job. :-)
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    @github Thanks :) I'm home for Christmas right now
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    @Nanos haha by local I meant within an approximate 100 mile radius. I mean it is mind numbingly small where my small town is.
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    Choosing what your family wants is a bad choice.
    Choosing what DevRanters or other friends say is a bad choice
    Choose what you want...
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    @ctrlz Somewhat what we want, isn't the most wise choice in hindsight.

    As such, I'd recommend listening to both family, friends and DevRanter's have to say and mulling over the advice, in case any of it is actually good !
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    Run. Run and never look back!
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