Good Experience -

1.)Became proficient in Web development!

2.)Wanted to learn it for a very long time but didn't know where to start, but this year got opportunities to work on some good projects!

3.)Also got to lead a awesome team of good developers in my college!

4.) Got to work on a awsome internship with a very nice employer :)

5.) Became a Devrant Supporter :D

Bad Experience -

1.) Had to face shit ass seniors who blamed me and my team all the time for their inefficiencies.

2.) Team had developed many good projects in android and web for the college,but the stupid seniors failed to implement them,it was a big mood!

3.) I had planned to learn ML and improve my competitive coding and also finish my game,but failed to do so :(.

Hopefully 2018 will be productive:)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎆🎄🎅

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