The sheer irony of someone editing my SO question to "Fix bad grammar" and introducing even more bad grammar is hilarious.

You were there in SECONDS sir, props for that, Now unless you know your way around the Angular 4 view child system would you kindly fuck off? 🙃

(if you do know your way around aforementioned view child system and fancy a quick rep bump come save my sanity https://stackoverflow.com/questions...)

Edit - holy shit question has been up for 15 mins and its not at minus ten thousand, Tis the season!

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    I'm not in a good position to reply on so, but you'll probably want to create a service with an rxjs subject that you call next on when the Fab is clicked. You can then inject that service wherever you need to respond to the click and subscribe to the subject.
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    Just put an answer up on so.
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