Is a masters in statistics worth it?

A bit of background:
I got my bachelor in actuarial math (statistics for insurance risk), then found machine learning and got a couple of gigs in software development and data engineering. I became my previous employers the go to guy for questions about data integrity and structure.

Now I am heading to a new job that specializes in ML for gambling. And while I love the math, I really see myself doing more software development and system architecture work (with some analysis). I already started this masters program, so I got less than a year to finish, but starting to feel like its a waste of my time, but also, I dont want to just quit it.

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    If you’ve already started, then finish.

    In a resume for the tech world, your accomplishments and projects matter most, job experience in the middle, and education the least. So you won’t be cornering yourself by having a masters of stats. They’ll probably just be happy you have a masters at all.

    Just do a project with systems architecture and put it FIRST on your one page resume and your education at the bottom and you’re golden.
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