Only person on my team in the office...and naturally the only other person in my area here is the fucking Boy Scout. I was going to blast JPop, but this sad sack of shit is here.

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    oof, I feel you.

    I want to listen to metal while I work (or Taylor Swift, Veronicas, etc.), but everyone* else bloody hates it.

    *"Everyone" being "biz team" -- the sales people who think they run the company, but in reality only know how to talk.

    The only music that's (unofficially) allowed to play in the office is {current_holiday} music, or crap like "I was born on a train during the Mississippi rain" or similar drudgery. It all sounds the same, and it's all terrible. There's a few songs Spotify/etc. randomly plays and these "embarrass" them; quite honestly, I can't tell the difference between those and the rest.

    I think they only "like" these songs because they think they're supposed to.
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    Time to put some death metal on their playlist and watch the world burn @Root
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