Just installed Keras, theano, PyTorch and Tensorflow on Windows 10 with GPU and CUDA working...
Took me 2 days to do it on my PC, and then another two days of cryptic compiler errors to do it on my laptop. It takes an hour or so on Linux... But now all of my devices are ready to train some Deep Deep Learning models )
I don't think even here many people will understand the pain I had to go through, but I just had to share it somewhere since I am now overcome with peace and joy.

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    I did tensorflow and anaconda(not NN related though) in Windows.
    Keras, theano and pytorch never tried.

    Linux was so smooth.

    Tensorflow has got better support for Windows now.
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    I very much feel your pain. Took me 2 full days as well :/
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    I know ur pain, but in a different context. For this it was a conda install
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    conda install pytorch

    This installs the cuda drivers too!
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