Best: getting a job at IBM

Worst: slacking on devRant

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    If that's your worst I think you're pretty lucky :)
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    Best: quitting the IBM job to start mining ETH on the dark.side of the moon
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    @Jilano It was quite a good year for me, nothing much happened except I got the job and I got to learn a lot. Even though I learn everything myself I see the progress and it motivates me. But I procrastination comes too every now and then.
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    *profits from IBM's lack of efficiency*

    Enjoy 😁
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    @mbj047 I agree that IBM is totally ineffective, people there are lazy and sometimes even incapable to their job right, but I'm only 20 so it was a success for me.
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    @Rematix it's a good job. Not saying any different just thanking you for your service. Hehe
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