Whether you hated 2017, 2018 will be better, promise.
Wish everyone a happy new year.

Best wishes,

P.S.1. Thank you everyone for making me the part of devRant!
P.S.2. Thanks David and Tim!
P.S.3. If you need to work todayn and you don't think that it is the right thing to do, think of engineers working in a TV/radio broadcasting company. They should prepare the show! (Poor devs there)

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    Working the last day of the year is the best part :)

    Happy New year and I wish you lots of planes!
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    @HAlex My wish is going to the airport just for sightseeing....
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    @CozyPlanes the sound of the engines 😍
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    @CozyPlanes oh, let me fix it, I always write it wrong because in Italian Engines are called "Motori"
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    @HAlex My only wish is flying with Cathay Pacific Business class. Their product looks good in my opinion
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    @HAlex 4 Motori in a 747!
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    @CozyPlanes if we'll ever be rich we'll book the best flight every month, the business class looks good to me :)
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    I just want to be one of those flight reviewers in YouTube. (simply aviation and dantrop aviation, love theirs)

    And planespottingberlin is one of the awesome planespottings

    One thing that bugs me is that it takes 70 mins to get to Incheon Airport, and too expensive. Ahhhh
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    Poor whatsapp devs
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