while reading rebecca & brain's book on object oriented software. I realised that the programmer is a special kind of person. the complexity he can handle, the struggle to implement a system, from input to output, satellite control, AI, robotics, heck, even the planning required for a simple android app, the complexity is overwhelming at first, then you get your jotter and break it down into parts, and you drive yourself to the edge of sanity figuring out an algorithm, then you go over that edge implementing it, but oh that great super hero feeling when you finally get something to work exactly as specified, I'm not sure people in other professions can understand the satisfaction. I'm very young in the whole programmer world, but I'm growing fast, I'm just really grateful programming found me, I mean, can you think of something else you'lld rather do? yeah, me neither.

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    Great insight. I am at the opposite end of my programming career. I recently left the world of programming for corporations. I am developing my own healthcare related app. I was always told what to do by managers and project managers. Now I have to figure out what needs done. I have to decide if I want to be a disciplined professional that strives to write clean, maintainable code. I can no longer blame project managers. It is all on me. So scary yet exciting. Good luck in your programming journey.
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    @georgelynch Thank you. good luck on your journey too.
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    I give u 100000++ most inspirational rant I've ever read!
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    @Vucur thank you : )
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