Client : can you add a calling feature to our android app?
Me : Ok.

*** after updating the app ****

Client : what is this **** dialog (calling permission request for android)!
Users are complaining about it and refuse to use the app!!! Don't you know I can get into legal problems with this???
Me :But you just asked for this feature?
Client : I want this feature but remove the dialog.
Me : you can't that's not how google works.
Client : I don't care do something remove the dialog or edit it but keep the feature.
Me : 😑😑😑😑 nvm I'll figure out something.

Ended up with copying the number to the dial screen instead of direct call from the app.

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    Well, *when* did the permission request pop-up?
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    @Krokoklemme at launch 😅. His reaction like I just killed someone is what made me mad. Even after explaining he just didn't want to see it at all.
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    @haithamSboui see? That's the problem... If some app suddenly requests shady permissions and I, as a user, don't know what they're for, I'd stop using that app too

    And he was probably just so outraged, because he was loosing a lot of users (therefore money). I would've tried delaying the request to the point where it's actually needed, only after that I'd resort to the same thing you did
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    Runtime permission Lol
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    Good save!
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