Upgraded the company operations system system from AIX to Red Hat EL with near zero issues and no business interruptions. Platform and OS all in one. Been trying to repeat that with. NET 4 years into it and only 30% done with nothing but problems until we implemented CI & CD.

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    .Net is not an OS but compatibility with older is pretty good.

    I only know of one “breaking change” but that was not really a change as the broken behavior was not according to the c# specs but a but they fixed.

    Unfortunately it broke some code for us that worked because of the bug :/
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    @Voxera lol Im aware it isn't an OS.
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    @dougheeren ;) I assumed you did but your post sort of suggested they both where.

    And I was curious what you got problems with.

    Except that one breaking change which apparently did not affect very many considering it was almost no info on it even one year after we never had any problems going up in version.

    Trying to switch to net core though is another matter as at least in the beginning, large parts if the framework just did not exist.
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    @Voxera we went to. NET 4.5.2 MVC and entity framework. We just had problems with quality. New dev team on a core infrastructure team will do that.
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    @dougheeren ok so it was not just net 4.5 you rewrote existing code also.

    That I can understand, entity framework is powerful but also very different from using sql and you really have to understand it.

    Same with mvc vs winforms, totally different way of thinking about it which can make a switch hard.

    We have been porting our winforms over but we do it one page at a time instead if an all over rewrite to not get bogged down with to much new bugs.
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    @Voxera we are trying to do one app at a time too.
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