C'mon, really?

Okay, I understand that they want to lock down the Chromebooks they send home with us, we don't own them and they have the right to do that. But I'm still annoyed when I find "harmless" stuff is blocked.

They said it themselves that they want us to be able to do basically anything we want web browsing wise on them.

It's not a fun experience to say to your self "hey let's look at the current humble bundles!" just to find that humblebundle.com is blocked for "games". (Which makes sense, but I can't remember any other examples)

Imagine thinking to yourself "I'm going to go to the Os Dev Wiki" and typing that into the Omnibox (tm) and pressing enter, directing you to your favorite search engine duckduckgo, but instead of finding the amazing duckduckgo results page you find the godforsaken securly "THIS PAGE IS BLOCKED" screen.

I can guess why they do that (probably because, to my knowledge, duckduckgo doesn't have any form of "safe-search" feature they can force it to use because they do that) but it's kind of annoying to not be able to use your favorite search engine anymore.

Should I really be getting so annoyed at this? No, because it's not my device, it's theirs and, they have the final say on what goes, but sometimes it really annoys me. I should be, and am, thankful they even let us bring the Chromebooks home, which is pretty cool.


If you want a fun time, just read the reviews on the Securly extension in the chrome web store!

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    if you are wondering why I was looking for os dev wiki it's because I enjoy reading the pages
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    They don't let us take them home. People do, and they don't notice however. The filter consists of a DNS server who does not know many websites. Instead of a blocked message, you get a Page cannot be found message. Frustrating. 😧
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    I'd turn that off the first time it prevented me from working. And every time thereafter.
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    They seriously need to make the filter 1,000 times better
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    It should at least unblock the harmless things
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    omg i hate the extenstion i can watch youtube but omg so annoying search up anything "innapropite " blocked and ive tried several times to block it but they blocked extenions and second i cant on another account bc for some dumb reason
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