Any devs from Dubai/UAE here? Was wondering what working there is like

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    Delicious sand, awesome airport
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    @Froot figured as much ;)
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    @crow22498 iirc, @mohammed is in UAE, Abu Dhabi to be exact.

    I used to live there, but never worked there :)
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    Can you be more specific? Like why do you want to move/work in Dubai or UAE?
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    @mohammed I am looking for a job somewhere that is safer than South Africa and I know someone who could organize a job for me in Dubai.

    Was wondering about what the average work culture there is like for developers.
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    @crow22498 If someone can organize a job for you then you are good to go.
    The culture depends on the company itself, you will find all kind of work cultures.
    Most of the development work is outsourced, developers here work mostly in admin, software engineering or testing fields.

    Stay away from startups, every day there is a new startup and some other startup shutdowns.

    All the best.
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    @mohammed thanks for the advice
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    @ebourgess thanks I'll keep that in mind
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