Learned over Xmas, my brother-in-law works at a company with NO CENTRALIZED VERSION CONTROL. They just... pass around zip files of the latest code? Or something? Like jfc, even as a student we at least used TortoiseSVN!

I was ok with their marriage last summer, but now I feel that my sister deserves better. Can't imagine a company like that attracts the best and brightest. Here's hoping he actually exceeds the expectations, and leads the company into a glorious, gitty future.

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    (saw the link in your rant about your brother-in-law not wanting your help to prepare for an interview.)

    When I started at my former employer in 2008 their version control was this:
    1. Copy folder
    2. Raise version number

    It took me 2 years to get subversion into the company.

    After another three years it needed another 18 months to introduce and switch to git.

    So there is hope.

    The company I worked for had some of the brightest and most talented people I ever worked with. They just weren't used to work with an SCM. 😏
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    @Yamakuzure They moved across the country for a while, so fortunately he doesn't work there any more! Hopefully his most recent workplace had some sort of "real" version control :) They moved again, so crossing my fingers that his next gig is something that deserves him!
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