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    I like the classic subscript e. Nice attention to detail.
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    I'm still stuck in 2017, someone please update me? Why did the chip change like that. And what's up with the subscript e?
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    @iSwimInTheC the chip changed like that because it's a joke about how, due to the exploits that were discovered, a patch that will decrease performance to mitigate the security issues is being deployed. The chip changed into one of intels older chips because the older chip is slower which reflects how some people are saying that now that this patch has been released its like having a slower cpu.
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    The 386sx...we meet again. Time to engage turbo mode so I can run at 16MHz.
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    @Golank Ahh, thanks fam
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    I thought nothing actually happened though. I saw a few tests showing about the same performance as before
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    @Dacexi Newer computers, impact on performance is low, but older computers will.
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    @iSwimInTheC really depends on workload some workloads are extremely inefficient with KTPI.
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