Do you use emacs?

If you do, how did you get started using it?

If you don't, why not?

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    I started using emacs when I first started to learn Clojure, since the book Clojure for the Brave and True recommend it so highly. I couldn't really get a feel for it at the time, but I knew I'd probably start using it again sometime.

    I got back to using emacs when I found out about Spacemacs. Finally, I was able to be productive without needing to memorize everything, since the layout put all the bindings right in front of me. I felt so powerful!

    Customizing Spacemacs turned out to be too much for me, though, and I found myself looking for an alternative. That's when I realized that I had learned enough to feel comfortable with just emacs and a few packages. And now here we are today.
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    I don't. As to why, well, you see there's this thing called Vim.
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    @jmclemo6 which can also be added into emacs btw. We got evil mode and vim bindings are included by default in spacemacs.

    Thing is like an os I swear. Although I use Vim more when dealing with our servers. Much more convenient and it is already there.
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    I do, for pretty much the same reasons you listed: lisp development. In my case it was for common lisp and elisp (elisp being already built in)

    I still use it, but only when convenienr.
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    @AleCx04 Look into TRAMP
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    @jmclemo6 I like vim too, but I *love* emacs
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    I got into Emacs when I started play with GNU Linux. I kept reading about open source and the name kept on appearing. So I looked into it , did the tutorial and got hooked.

    I've stuck with it because it really rewards curiosity and I like Lisp derived programming languages. I'm tweaking it to the point where I can comfortably integrate it with work.
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    I don't.
    I use VIM!!!
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    What’s that?
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