-When using Windows
Butthurt Geeks: "You suck, use Linux!"

-When using Ubuntu
Butthurt Geeks: "You suck, use Arch! (or anything that isn't based in mainstream Ubuntu ) "

-When using Atom
Butthurt Geeks: "You suck, don't use the mouse!"

-When using Vim
Butthurt Geeks: "You suck, use Emacs!"

Really, do you always have to force everyone to use the toys that you are using?

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    You suck, use facebook
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    @Codex404 you suck use slack :D
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    I suck
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    We are vacuum.
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    @potluck you suck, use telnet

    To make this a bit easier i provide the next comments:
    you suck, use socat
    You suck, use nc
    You suck, use cat /dev/tcp and a reverse pipe
    You suck, use IoD (xkcd)
    You suck, use IoAC (1149)
    You suck, yell loudly
    You suck, use telepathy
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    @potluck u suck, use pidgeons
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    TFW people who run Arch Linux are the geek equivalent of people who bring their Macs to Starbucks to show off how wealthy they are, except instead of a display of wealth it's a display of elitism.
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    @fun2code it's more of humor than anything else. I'm not talking down on Arch users, if it's more practical for you to use Arch than by all means use it, however I have absolutely no use for it on x86, although it's very useful on RISC based machines imo. I just find things like Debian and RedHat to be better for software support, and distros like Gentoo to be better for people who really enjoy getting their hands dirty, but to each their own.
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    @Gobbas you duck, use geese.
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    @fun2code 😂😂😂😂⁦👍🏻⁩
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    Punch card or bust!
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    While going with the option that's right for you, I think it's important to know about your options. I would encourage people who only ever used e.g. Windows to try Linux and vice versa, just to know in which aspects one software differs from the other and what might be the better option for you.

    Yes, people pushing their favorite solution to the point where they will fight you over it isn't good, but neither is staying ignorant about options, tools, that might help you out in ways you don't realize, if you'd try them, and if not - well, at least you know you're using the right software for you.
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    @thremedy dude you almost started #yousuckuse_________ 😂😂
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    you suck use internet explorer
    And die
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    Linux 2.0, new OS that helps you save a lot!
    Windows mechanics hate him!

    Single Slavic women are dating men in {{countryCapital}}!

    This man became RICH after mastering this 10 tricks in Vim...

    Emacs mechanics hate the guy from above because... [read more]
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    You suck choose Trump
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    you all suck

    use Apple 1
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    You suck, go to NASA
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    You suck, browse devRant through toy phone for girls, connected to your neighbours 802.11b router through Bluetooth 1.0, which runs Windows NT 4.0 Server and a virus written on Pascal in 1995, which allows you to connect to some random Raspberry Pi somewhere in Australia through buffer overflow, which has proxy on COBOL, which allows you to connect to random 1998 Packard Bell machine, which runs Windows 98 and a really ancient version of IIS, which allows you to connect to WAP proxy somewhere in Russia, which runs Windows Server 2003 and can reroute to somewhere else through buffer overflow, which allows you to convert WAP to Telnet and connect to devRant.
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    you suck, code in Ook!
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    You suck. Use FreeBSD.
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    You suck... Choke on it... ;)
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    You suck use Duck Duck Go!
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    You suck use notepad in wine
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    You suck, use Internet Explorer. :D
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