I really can't find a good and light open source ecommerce solution that doesn't require Wordpress or any other bloated framework.

I got a small company which I just work as a microelectronics/programming teacher and I want an automated solution where people can order and pay for preconfigured kits.

I usually use Nginx with Nodejs. I had a look at Reaction Commerce however it requires 1.5GB RAM as of now (I got a 512mb RAM server). And I don't see how a few visitors should mitigate the use of such an overpowered solution.

How do other developers do ecommerce solutions without using bloaty software? As of now I'm considering to just create a solution myself with a template engine and an API.

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    If you have the time and you already know how to write programs in Node.JS, you can try using Total.js. It's a standalone framework, with no external dependencies and is really fast.
    As a matter of fact, I believe you can find a sample e-shop in their site as a starting point.
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    @DenRand Seems good on paper when it comes to size and memory usage and I've gotten some time to test it the local dev server, seems like a fairly good framework! Already working on localisation and migrating to the proper dev server :) Thanks for the great tip!
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