!rant, but you're my friends and I want to share my day...

We've had a problem open since last March (before I started), but our teams identified the issue with the customer's code 2 years ago. No one made progress on it until I took it over. The newest version deployed 3 months ago and has no memory leak. I closed out oldest problem today.

On a personal note, I got quotes for my dj and photographer for my wedding next month, and the price for both is what I would've been willing to pay for one. My wedding was supposed to be very inexpensive, with these and my bartender being the most expensive parts, but due to unfortunate events, my wedding is 4x the cost (have to use a venue, backyard unavailable, which changes ALL my plans).

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    Advance congratulations. 😊

    Is/Will your fiance also in devrant?
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    I never got the big wedding party thing. I've seen people take out loans to have a lavish wedding party. I just don't get it. Must be me 😄
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    Kudos for the problem solve win.
    The other stuff... I don't know you that well. :)
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    Our wedding still cost us 5 grand and that was after we made the food, decorations and dresses (for my wife and her party) ourselves.
    Good luck to you!

    I love being married. :)
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