A friend wanted me to build him csgo gambling site in a month, just about the time all of the controversy was happening.
He said - create it for me please and if we succeed I'll give you part of the profit, there will be money for you.

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    An construction company won't build you a home without some money upfront. I don't know why people expect someone to build apps without some money upfront. If it goes sour not only have you lost billable hours for this project but also hours that could be used on something else. This potential customer does not understand what work goes into having the skills to build this app. I would ask for half up front. If he says no then say you will teach him how to do it for at least 50.00 per hour. He won't take you up on it because he knows he can't do it. It is hard for me to play hard ball too but time is a non-renewable resource.
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    @georgelynch Thats also besides the fact that valve is currently under fire about things related to gambling. Supposedly they're sending c&d letters to sites, so that csgo one his friend wants might end up on that list
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    what languages would u use for the creation of a site like that?
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    oh I just ''loooove'' those people
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    @hightechman lots of js for frontend and anything preferred by dev for backend, node might be good choice
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