When your mining rig decides to windows updates

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    Then you have a lot of time to think about your OS choice...
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    Time to disable them
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    @Jop- you know you can actually disable them cometely on Win10 without even buying a license, right? A quick search will show you the way - I speak from experience ;)
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    Wasn’t a complaint about windows as such more a vent my annoyance, the pc I’m using hasn’t been used regularly for 6 months so every reboot houses windows updates to
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    @Jop- how long have you been mining? And what were you mining?

    I’ve just completed a week of Ethereum mining and I’m up £10 after deducting electricity.

    I must add I’m only running one gpu to test the profitability, I plan to add some more in the very near future, rx580’s are hard to get hold of at the minute
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    It’s I managed to mine 0.02 Ethereum last week. A whole $20 at today’s price woo!!!
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