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    Nice one..
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    Java is not a solution for all sort of requirements.

    Functional programming says keep your data and logic as seperate but oops binds data with logic and people call it class😀

    Understanding the problem statement is very important before choosing the technology😀
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    Java: Fuck every gender
    C#: some genders and use tools to fuck some more
    JavaScript: Fuck everywhere but sometimes good old IE is doing the action...
    TypeScript: fuck everywhere with a little more safety on what youre fucking
    C++: develope smart and you can fuck everything, but make mistakes and you will fuck yourself
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    So Java is good?
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    But does this make anal sex bad?
    I don't think so.
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    old but gold :D
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    this is good.
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    Sooo, you basically like java but don't want to use it everywhere? Then just don't. Like anal sex.
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    So the take away is that java programmers like butt stuff, got it.
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