A month ago, a company called my friend for an interview. They had a good talk but at the end they couldn't agree on the salary.
A week later they called him for a technical interview and they're ready to renegotiate with him the salary he's asking for. The Interview went successful and everything seems fine. They told that they'll send him a mail about the offer they're proposing.
2 days later he got the mail and the offer was kinda good, so he confirmed the agreement and they planned to sign the contract today.
After he went to the office and the manager came 1 hour late and he told him and i quote '' I'm sorry your application has been rejected, there's a women that refused to hire you ''.

I mean come on how can someone be an asshole more then this.

Just to add this company still uses eclipse for android development.

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    Welp, good thing is, they are straight about why they don't want to hire him, but hum... That is certainly a stupid reason.

    Sorry for your friend, but it might be a good thing that he's not working there.

    (Good luck if he's still looking!)
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    "Here's proof you made me an offer, here's proof I accepted it, that's a verbal contract, see you in court"
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    @d4ng3r0u5 8m glad i get to see all of these handy tips here so im ready for whenever this happens to me
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