At a workplace I was attached to, a colleague of mine taught and still teaches Actionscript 2/3.

She rambles about how coding is important to a modern career, while teaching students how to animate a circle. Management can't fire her because of a poorly drafted contract.

Worst of all, she refuses to update her skillset.

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    @theScientist Yikes 😅
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    Got you one close to that. I work at a school, and their intro to programming is teaching students how to write fucking excel formulas.

    When my coworker said this to me (he already knew what my reaction was going to be like) i told them that at least they will get some exposure through VBA albeit I found it not a very good language. He then told me "no...they literally teach them how to do just excel formulas, no scripting in VBa whatsoever"

    I have talked to the professor, phd in math. Would not change his mind on the topic nor would the board listen to me even tho my degree is in computer science.
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    @AleCx04 Educational institutions are just....so very frustrating to work with.

    They are resistant to change, and only do so when imminent checks are conducted by ratings agencies.
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