We all have that one friend who says he "hacked someone's facebook account", and all he did was peek while that person was typing his/her password....

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    What's worse is when other people come to me asking me to hack people. #ProgrammerNotHacker
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    Sometimes its looking at the saved password and sometimes its reseting the password as well!
    Ahh,such bright hackers!
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    What does have to do with wk9 tho?
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    @yarwest I don't know. Maybe for something like "rant if the week" thing. I'm new to devRant, so far so good.
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    @do2deepak First of, welcome.
    Secondly, I suggest that you first look into what a tag means before just sticking it on some post. Rant of the week is about ranting about a very specific thing, this week (week 9 or wk9) it is a ridiculous request from a PM or client. Your post doesn't really have anything to do with that so try to keep an eye on that when making any new posts ;)
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    @yarwest understood 😅
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