Computers in german schools man.
Everywhere you see those poor white boxes from 19something, which take ages to turn on.
Has anyone else wondered what this "Windows XP" is which it keeps displaying?
Why do none of the teachers use them or explain us what these are?

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    I miss XP
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    We used debian
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    Oh my, it's still that bad? D:
    (I mean, we used like WinNT/2000 and XP also, but that was when XP was still an active Windows Distro ...)
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    @nin0x03 yup, same for me

    We had Win2000 in elementary school (was around 2005-ish), but Win7 later on, so I'm kinda surprised it's still that bad

    btw I like your description. "Knöpkes" sure are awesome ^^
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