When you have a super annoying problem that Google has been unable to help with... But you stumble upon a link with the exact title matching your issue... And clicking on it gives you a 404.

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    If Google shows the link, Google has the page in cache. Look for the cached version if the original page is not available anymore!
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    or check with waybackmachine
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    When OP reply with 'never mind, fixed it!" but doesn't reply with the fix 😣
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    @ozzstrich I hate that shit too
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    you forgot the [SOLVED] on the link. Cleaner
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    @qwerty1337 that IS google cache
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    @liveen No it isn't


    has nothing to do with google.

    You can check https://archive.org/about/ where it even says:

    "The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library."

    "Founded in 1996 ..."

    Google was founded in 1998 ;)
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    @qwerty1337 huh, interesting. I was certain I read in their site that it was powered by Googles cache. I might be wrong though, and I should have been clearer on the fact that I was unclear when I posted my reply. I'm sorry about that. <3
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    Or when you find tons of threads on the topic at stack overflow and it's down for maintenance
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    Or find a SO thread with the exact title on a hard issue and it's closed for being like another thread that is unrelated.
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    True story 😂
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    it's even more sad when exact issue is marked as solved, but the page need active subscription. #redhat
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    @skbly7 or experts-exchange. Uggggggg
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    I was gonna ++ this but I realized that the post had 404 points. That's too good to ruin
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    How about when half a dozen people bitch at the OP for a duplicate question and don't post a link to the original question and you're like damn it I've searched for this for 30 minutes please just answer it! lol
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