Does anyone here have a PhD (for CS)?

Is it worth getting?
What about a MS? Is it worth getting?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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    PhD in CS is the least worth it out of all the PhDs you can get

    Reason is because the industry is so desperate.

    I don’t even have a masters and I regularly get interviews and offers from companies that require a masters and prefer a PhD.

    Of all the disciplines, CS is the hardest to bullshit. If you have the skills, and maybe a little luck, you get the job. That’s wildly untrue for other fields where the degree seems to matter a lot more.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I'd say a PhD in Maths, stats or ML is also highly worth it this day and age. Obviously it's overkill unless you strive to be a top engineer at Google or something, or a professor, but if your going for a PhD them these are the fields I'd look at (including CS)
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    @FrodoSwaggins Yea I have 0 intentions of getting either one. Just weighing my options out.

    Though the idea of being Dr. jhh2450 is pretty cool sounding 😂😂

    Edit: Actually I'm considering the Master's. I am a bit ahead towards getting my degree. Throw in a couple of summer classes and I could get the Master's in 5 years instead of 6 or 7.
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    @Froot yeah. PhDs are almost mandatory in a lot of other fields. If I were a physicist I would definitely be looking at it.
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    I have a MS in CS and it is irrelevant. Hasn't helped at all. Program was pretty worthless too. Undergrad in business though. Haha. It might be useful for research since a lot of them are theory and you want to go that route.
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