One time in college we had an android project for one of our courses. Then this one member of my team didn't want to install Android studio because he didn't want to install any unnecessary software and libraries to his machine. We wanted to do his part editing directly in github.

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    I have exactly coded the color.xml and modified manifest.xml in github editor!

    Guess what color theme was liked by team and I have no idea how it looks until one off my team mate sent screenshot and appreciated.
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    Well, changing a simple file is not that bad. But he wanted to do the whole project from scratch editing files in github.
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    I'm not that bad, but FWIW I fucking hate bloated-ass IDEs. My laptop can't handle Android Studio. It really is a fucking bloated piece of shit. So is the Intel U-series processor that's in my laptop, but that's not the point...
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    @mgagemorgan that's understandable that is a reasonable issue but the guy had a brand new MacBook pro.
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    I would comment about the laptop market being a shitty one, but I think I'll post a rant about that on my own. It's a long time coming...
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