So my company hired this very old guy. The oldest developer I have worked with. I feel they took him just because of diversity.

Because he was absolutely incompetent.

Nothing he wrote ever worked, he got in conflict with everyone, made stupid jokes at meetings, asked the dumbest questions. His stories would hang for weeks, hopping sprint over sprint. Once he delivered something, his code had to be re-written from scratch. A code review couldn't even be applied as the code was worthless, so it just made sense to reassign his tasks to someone else and move on.

So after much drama he was let go. It was maybe two years ago and I recently connected with him on LinkedIn. He's changed four or more jobs since then. Prior to coming to our company he also job-hopped all the time (but most likely he was actually fired every time). His average job duration was like 6 months. Apart from that, he had a 20+ year stay with some government agency.

I fail to grasp how he ever gets hired anywhere with all the red flags. Over two decades with some govt agency (in my country they are all crap). Then change jobs every half an year or so. Then the asshole attitude. And finally, they probably never asked him any technical questions, because he knew nothing. Our interns who were just one month into the job were better by a WIDE margin.

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    Because companies are getting desperate.

    Finding good developers is hard, most we test do not make it past trial employment.

    And if your options are all worthless you might at least go for diversity, they might have some experience that can be used or transferred.

    And even if they are not good enough to keep long term some might work of stale points that otherwise would get no attention.

    But yes there are the real lost ones, have had a few of those to, of all ages :/
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    Is he "too old to keep up" old or "old enough to used to hang out with Ada Lovelace" old? Cause Linus Torvalds is old too but he does stuff. Not that it really matters, just curious
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    Guys, I don't think he was bad due to him being old. I don't know his real age but I think he's an year or two to retirement. It's just that age was what was really distinctive about him. And the fact he had more years of experience than anyone else in the company. Maybe the year count fooled people into hiring him.
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