Haven't done much work on my game since December. Ok so I havent done anything on my game since December. Learned Mockito and JUnit formally (finally) because that's what we'll be using at work.

Never really learnt unit testing prior, just knew it's power. I just need to find the right unit testing and mocking frameworks that work well with .net, C# and Unity3D and I'll be great.

I'll finally attempt to properly test that (those) annoying part(s) of my game. So many vectors to work out and often the object is moved to or along the wrong vector.

I'd always only imagined having to use stubs which is why I've never understood how unit testing would really help in such a dynamic environment as video game development. Especially as a one man team. Mocking is about to be my lifesaver.

Anyone able to suggest a good testing and/or mocking framework for C#, .Net, Unity3D?

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