Sorry if I'm just ignorant but: I see a lot of rants about designers expecting pixel perfect implementations of their designs. Is that for real? In my world there is hardly ever pixel values at all. It's not paper publishing. It's web, things have to scale. For an iOS app where you have a few known screen sizes - fine. But web? Come on...

And that's without even going into CSS or browser quirks.

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    My guess is that those are old timers still living in the days of absolutely positioned designs. That's not the way the web works anymore. Any designer that is still freaking out over pixels, needs to get a grip.
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    @shittywebdev Thanks. You restored my faith in the part of humanity that does web design :)
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    % > px
    be responsible, be responsive
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    I've found that rems for layout and ems strictly for content works really well.
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