I hate it when you actually buy a template and it turns out things only align when your images and text are a certain length.

Dear designer no, my images are not all 200 x 200. Screw you :)

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    Cut them to 200x200?!
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    @Christian1998 sure, if the ratio was 1:1 that wouldn't be a problem, but what if it's 400 x 300 or 300 x 500?
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    @guio remove unnecessary things from it or try to make the image bigger on the sides...
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    don't cut your images, that's stupid. template should be responsive to accommodate different scenarios. you should either demand a refund or file a bug report and wait for a fix.
    "cut your images" doesn't make authors produce better templates, it just shows them you'll make do with any buggy shit they'll throw at you.
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