Twitter: We use your tweets to analyze your preferences and target ads for you..

Facebook & Whatsapp: We monitor your posts, locations, private chats and target ads for you..

Google: We spy your mails, sms, location, pretty much all your activity and tailor ads for you..

All of them combined: No one can beat us in breaching privacy and bombarding you with ads..

Amazon: Hold my beer 🍺

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    In the same context a respectable mention to Amazon Echo Look..
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    @IllSlapU if you pay with credit card you already give away most of the same info and some shopping malls are using cellphone trackers to identify how people move.

    Just add more exact positioning sensors by the register so you can cross reference recites with cellphone id and you can get the same info without even telling anyone :/
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    "in breaching privacy" - thats like complaining someone saw you naked after you send them a dickpic...
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    I think this is fucked up
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    What about putting things back?
    What about putting them back in the wrong spot?
    What about returns? Spills?
    What about makeup? Hoodies? Hijabs? Masks? Burqas?
    What about expired cards? Stolen cards?
    What about non-amazon customers?
    What about theft, e.g. dumping containers / replacing their contents with carefully-measured bags of sand and putting them back?
    What about Indiana Jones?
    What about power outages? Connection hiccups/loss?
    What about tracking/identification flaws?

    Last but certainly not least:
    What about privacy?
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