So the company I work for assigned me to a new clients project and has already proven to be a pain.

I checked all my emails late Sunday evening and replied to them (saves me the time in the morning) so I emailed this new client who was enquiring when a part of his website was to be done.

Me: I fully expect this portion of the functionally to be done by the tail of the week.

Client first thing this morning: why isn’t anything working you said it would be done.

Me: ...

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    I got a call from a client right after sending them an email afrer 1am. I contemplated weather to pick it up... Not telling the rest, but from then on I choose to delay all my emails till the morning.
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    @Jackeast I think I might join you on that one. Fortunately, I haven’t had a client call me early hours in the morning.
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    Well, technically he is right 🤔
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    @StopMotionCuber haha nope, business week starts Monday ends Friday I sent the message Sunday evening ☹️
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