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    I actually love regex lmao
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    Don't give up. I was there. Like 2010. I had no idea how regex worked. I just copied them from SO. I then got coworkers to explain them to me. (If you don't have coworkers, have a look at regex101.com it explains what your entered regex does.
    It also helps if you understand the concept of a FSM, to understand regex.

    I'm not claming, I know everything about regex and I "discover" new stuff all the time. But I reached a level, where I can just write a regex without having a cheat sheet open.

    Took me a few years but I eventually made it and so can you!
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    had to search for that pic. That gem was in the official Facebook PHP SDK. If you ever feel like you completly understand regex, takd a good look at it.

    Edit: found that on 10.05.2016 (or if you prefere it this way: 2016-05-10)
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    @Wack i prefer it dd-mm-yyyy. So is it 05-10 or 10-5?
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    You’ll get it buddy. Don’t give up.
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    @Codex404 10th of may, next time I'll just post the unix timestamp so every one can have their prefered format :*
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    @PrivateGER yep, that was about my reaction.
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    Try out regexcrossword.com, it's such a cool concept. Although it might not help that much with writing Regex..
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    @Wack these code comments are pure gold.
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    I have found this site very helpful when trying to understand regex.
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