Thanks to brave

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    This is an actual question.

    Why would anyone use brave instead of the browser they're actually comfortable with and something like uBlock or ghostery Installed?
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    @Dacexi brave works better, and from what I've seen, it has more privacy concerns in mind.

    But I'm new to it
    Let's ask @linuxxx
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    @purpletoxicrain I wouldn't.

    I like the concept of brave but what's the point of having a privacy friendly browser when it's locked to a certain set of privacy features?! Maybe that's not private enough for me and that's exactly where addons would come in...

    I'm staying with Firefox AND my Firefox privacy addons.
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    @linuxxx please list your addons
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    @purpletoxicrain (some you'll have to look up because I don't remember all titles exactly)
    Ublock Origin
    Privacy badger (ghostery has a data selling business model)
    WebRTC disable
    Canvas fingerprint (or hash?) block/protect
    Cookie autodelete

    Think that's about it?
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