Hey ho, some dev from Rakuten Tokyo here? Could do an application for it. Want to know if there are cool developers πŸ™ƒ
But need to move from Germany to Japan and I'm a bit scared πŸ™
I wished a while ago to life and work in Japan. Currently I have no real roots / bindings in Germany. Except some friends.
Should I try it or not? 😣

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    Wew my dream job. Go for it!
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    go for it! Two weeks ago I moved to Malta because of work, and I don't even like traveling :D it's strange at first but you get used to it, just do it
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    I shouldn't read reviews. Now I don't want to work there anymore 😐

    But I could try to survive 2 years until I learn about Japanese to look for a good job?

    Is it so hard to make a big awesome product with nice people's in a nice workspace,
    With a good work life balance? In a country I want to live....

    I think I could make a rant from the last part πŸ˜‘
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