"In this API you need to pass the epoch in user's timezone."

WTF!! can this world be any worse...... how many epochs are there in this world?

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    I guess it's to account for non-unix systems..?

    But 1970-01-01 should suffice
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    @lotd epoch timestamps are always in UTC/GMT ... it does not have any timezone, because epoch just measures the number of seconds/milliseconds since 1/1/1970 midnight .. there is no such thing as windows epoch or mac epoch ... or US epoch and russia epoch ... its just a number increasing at a fixed rate since its inception :( ....
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    @nonce I know.
    I'm simply saying what I think the dev might have thought.

    Something like a measure against year 2038 problem..

    Not a good solution by any means.
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    @lotd I wish engineers here were so thoughtful, these guys still think why there is no Date() constructor that take timezone :)) ... may be Java designers missed it :D
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